360° KUKA Table

360° KUKA Table

The KUKA Table presents tourism hotspots of Thuringia in a spectacular way and enables the visitor to immerse into a world of cultural diversity.
The interactive exhibit consists of a stylised map and an automated robotic arm with an associated Full HD screen.

A pin corresponding to the respective hotspot can be found on the detailed 3D relief. Once a pin is activated, the KUKA arm starts moving and provides the stored information on the high-resolution display. Three different tours can be started using a rotary adjuster. The selection is visually supported by a light scenario.


Thüringer Tourismus GmbH


Innovative location marketing




Exhibit production, programming of the rotary adjuster and implementation of the LED light scenario


Programming of the KUKA robot by Siemens

Idea, concept and media content by TRIAD Berlin Projektgesellschaft mbH

Image rights

@Dominik Saure